Tuesday, April 10

missing this place

and "little ones"
and my adventures around the world. 
i feel so fortunate to learn and grow from them.

they are one of the biggest reasons for who i am today. 
especially the people
i could tell you stories for days because of my love for them. 
to see some of my adventures go to my previous blog.
see this sweet lady? she has leprosy. and on this particular day, about two seconds before this picture was taken her finger got stuck in my mouth. her finger that was shaped like a hook. and because of her excitement she didn't even realize that her finger was stuck in my mouth, and my hands were full and there was nothing that i could do about it. so i just laughed and laughed and then took this picture so i would never forget. don't worry after i started getting sores in my mouth a few days later, i took some hefty antibiotics and i've been a.ok. ever since. thank heavens. 


  1. What a beautiful experience!

  2. oh myyyyyyyy my, wow! what a story and what an awesome bug!
    p.s. glad your mouth is ok :)

  3. oh my goodness!!! did you go to india?! i'm going this summer to work with orphans! this post seriously made me so happy and so excited to go.