Thursday, April 26

here goes nothin

i'm low on photos can you tell? but i do love this photo of husband and my mom from the weekend
the mr. has been wearing my socks the past two days, unmatched
what is he thinking? i love my crazy socks, a lot.
and his feet are much bigger then mine
good thing i love the man

he is also away at the library
so i probably won't get to see him tonight
kind of ok because i need to get things done
and with him around it's quite impossible

except lucy has promised to follow me around all day every day
with a toy most likely a ball
or a bone, or a shoe, or whatever she may find
maybe that is why she is my best friend and my house looks the way it does

i've decided i still don't know what i was thinking when i decided we should just go look at puppies
she stole my heart but i'm quite alright with it, because she is pretty fun


  1. Best of luck getting those "things" done, Brooke. =) There are always dozens of tasks at hand, right!? *sigh* It's never-ending.

  2. one does not just "go look at puppies"