Friday, April 27

i'm so happy i could make up a little song for you about how happy i am

its friday its friday and a friday's a happy day. la de da de da de da de da.

that is the tune i'm singing today even though today is a little gloomy.  the husband man took his big chemistry final today which means i get fifty percent of him back, the other fifty comes back on tuesday. he is a smartie pants and is acing his test, which i'm not the least bit surprised.

last night we left the windows open to listen to the rain and it just smelled like summer. warm thunderstorms may be one of my favorite things. when i was growing up my little sister and i would take blankets and sit on our front porch and watch the thunderstorms, for hours.

and today  i get to see a favorite friend of mine, who is preggers and i can't wait to see her baby bump. and we may just go see the lucky one, again but i'll take a little zac efron any day. other plans include some cousin time, a wedding, probably the parkp, and celebrating because it's the weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Don't we all love Friday!? TGIF! =D

    Oooh! I am planning to see The Lucky One tomorrow - cannot wait! Hope you enjoy it - and your weekend, Brooke. =)

    Have a lovely day!