Monday, April 30

oh my sugar eyes surprise

in all the many things that bring people together, there is nothing in this world that does it like good food. oh and do i love food, especially my sweets! and the lovelies combo is made when you pair the best of people with the most delectable food.

this weekend was no exception in that matter. 

it was one of those weekends where i had the phrases this is a good day and i'm the luckiest running through my mind on repeat. 

consisting of only the best people. people that i hold so dearly to my heart. besties who live far away and cousins who are all grown up. i had the giggles so badly i could hardly breathe. if there is one thing that i've learned, especially since being married, it is how lucky i am to have the most amazing people enrich my life. 

at the end of the weekend it was so refreshing to look back on the past few days and smile because it was a good weekend, it truly was. now back to reality, sigh. 


  1. This is my kind of post. :) all food pics. good girl.

  2. Would love a description of what is in that top left photo, Brooke! Please check out and share my blog:

  3. MMM I LOVE that brownie mix, and healthy right? haha Sounds like you had a great weekend, we really are so lucky!