Wednesday, April 25

this is why i am in love...

last night, husband taught me about the economy and the stock market.
something (in my personal opinion) which could compete to be the most boring topic, ever.
but nothing was more darling then watching my cute husband teach me about hedge funds and stocks.
because of course a girl like me should really know her terminology

i'm still so confused, and i don't know if i ever will not be
but while i was ever so bored listening to him tell me about earning reports
i couldn't help but to smile because i loved that he thought it would be important for me to know
so while he talked my ear off i realized that

i am in love....
with a hedge fund, stock loving, economy fascinated man who wants to be a dentist
yes, yes i am.


  1. i took a family economics class this semester, every single thing the teacher said flew right over my head. literally.

  2. So I hope you don't find this too creepy but I think you and your husband are the absolute cutest couple Ever! Seriously those faces belong in a bridal magazine or something.