Tuesday, April 24

story time

despite my efforts in trying to welcome a lovely beginning to yet another week, i failed mis.uh.rably i tell you. it was an awfully-wrotten-no-good-terrible-day. it went a little bit like this.

for one i was late, everywhere and all the day long. sometimes i think late is my middle name because regardless of how hard i try to leave early i never can make it on time. i wish someone secretly would reset the clocks in our home just 10 little minutes earlier with out me knowing. then i would have to be on time. how does that sound jake?

besides being late i broke the thumb drive that was in my computer by sliding it into my computer case without looking. who does that? oh yes, me that would be me over here! not only was i thumb driveless, i forgot to transfer the very important files that were on the memory stick to my computer, and i had already shredded the very important papers. still trying to solve this one. 

humiliating enough that i shouldn't even repeat, i lost my phone yesterday, for hours. but i found her, found her indeed. where may you ask? oh just in my wallet! i put it there to be savvy and not have fifty things in my hands when i went to grab lunch. but of course lost my mind and couldn't remember where i put it. being genius as i am i knew i could turn my car on to see if the blue tooth worked, surely it did so i deliberately tore the car apart in every which way and form until i decided that if i needed to use my phone i would just call from the car. it was the biggest pain in the rear end but i did it, until i found it and then laughed a little to myself when i found it. 

yet amongst all of this i was able to visit my lash gal/therapist sophie, who even escorted me to the bathroom with my eyes closed. for those of you who don't know, you can't open your eyes while taped closed during a lash session/therapy session. i meekly whispered to sophie that i couldn't hold it any longer so she held my hand like a two year old and walked me all the way to the toilet and then came back in to assist me while i attempted to wash my hands. we had a good laugh and i think i'll keep my vision as long as i can, so grateful i can see. 

just when i though the awfully-wrotten-no-good-terrible-day would never end it got so much better. and i feel silly for thinking it was so terrible in the first place.

i got to take my little pup to play at her favorite park (really it's mine because its the closest) and we met some cute little friends who decided that they wanted to throw the ball the entire time for lucy and that is just heaven for me. 

then the husband turned the whole day around and took me on a little fhe outing to barnes and noble. one of my most favorite things ever, like ever ever. he is cute and i don't say that enough, sorry to get all married on you. anyways, we read and made ourselves feel smart and then spent a whopping fifty dollars on books, but i'm ok if we spend lots of money on books.

on top of that we went out to eat which is always a happy thing especially given the circumstance of the day. we even got to eat outside which made my meal that much better, except for me forgetting to ask for shredded lettuce. and then to top it off we got to talk with friends and have a lovely conversation with them. so the day actually ended with a happily ever after. thank heavens. the end. 


  1. my boyfriend swears by that "how to win friends" book! i haven't read it but he says its pretty awesome! i love bookstores more than clothing stores i think, is that bad? y'all are so dang cute!

  2. Ahh! Love that I made it into your post. I feel so honored. I love our little sessions together and chit chatting. Its the best. And the bathroom was hilarious. I honestly was dying. haha sure love you. Glad your day got better! xo

  3. husbands are the best! glad you had a better day:)

  4. Brooke, I think I am your twin that you never knew about. Losing my phone/keys daily, being constantly late, parks with the pup, spending too much money on books, having to pee more often than any other human being.... pretty much me in a nutshell! Haha, I'm glad we're pretty much living the same life, although you are doing it much more stylishly than me.

  5. I love that it ended with happily ever after...and luckily it usually does even when a day starts off pretty bad :)