Wednesday, April 18

little random ramblings

on a wednesday, a rainy wednesday. 
i've decided that making dinner is so overrated. going out is the perfect solution for a one- lazy wife, two- hungry husband, and three- stress, free, clean free, delicious dinner in my book. happy husband, not happy for our wallets or waistlines.

the corner of my work office is the central location for dancing advertisers. on my way to and from work i see the dancing pizza man, mr. lady liberty, and the random man who waves a cell phone sign wearing whatever he chooses on that particular day. today he wore a nifty umbrella hat. pretty sure i'm their bff, considering i'm the only person who waves and my umbrella man gets overly excited when he sees me at the light because he knows he will get a wave from me. 

the mr. has his second check up for his knee today. i'm crossing my fingers ever so tightly that he passes his range of motion test. if he doesn't he will be going back under, yes back again so that they can basically smash his knee to bend because it doesn't want to do it by itself as of now. and that just sounds terribbly-awful-unneccesary-painful, and none of us ever should have to do that, ever.  

the olympics are in 100 days. i watched the whole special this morning on the today show, i love the olympics. nothing could be better then pairing really my two favorites: the olympics and london. i really have an obsession over both. especially the olympics. dream job one day, one day far far away. 

the mud can go, really though i'm done with mud. mud on my bed, mud on my clothes, on my carpet, countertops, muddy paw prints all over my house can go. i feel like i'm living in beethoven (the movie). every time it rains and i see lucy come in the house i'm fearful to where she is going to decide to "shake." it's gotta go. 


  1. I'm excited for the olympics too! :)


  2. Uh I feel ya about eating out! Cooking is WAY too much work!