Wednesday, April 4


my mind is spinning. 
do you ever have nights where your mind won't stop thinking, 
turning and turning?
that was me last night, lots of new ideas over here.

 little ideas, exciting plans, secrets, wishes, and dreams taking place.
sometimes when my mind is spinning i'd rather dream real dreams then have a "sleeping dream"
and these are real dreams
that i hope come to life!
often these important times create the greatest outcomes in my opinion.

when i tell husband i can't sleep his automatic reply is, 
"stop thinking"
he knows me too well.


  1. i get "just go to sleep" when i tell him i can't sleep.
    as if i'm not trying! :)
    xx jes

  2. Ha husbands are the best:) and I have those sane nights all too often!

  3. Hahaha! I get "okay, you should write that down." :)


  4. that photo is beautiful...and I totally know how you feel.

  5. more like every night of my life. i swear i don't know how to turn my mind off before bed. it keeps me up for hours on end.

  6. oh gosh, i am exactly the same way! the hubs constantly has to tell me to stop thinking, but sometimes day dreams are just so much better than the ones while we are sleeping ;)
    xo TJ

  7. When I can't sleep, I often poke Cory and say..."I can't sleep!" Because I miss him when he's sleeping... so glad I'm not the only one who does this!