Monday, April 23

some days

some days i feel like sleeping in until noon, but there is simply no time for that. 
some days i feel like taking an adventure to a far away place that we've never been before.
some days i wish i had a personal chef to create elaborate meals for me all the day long. 
some days i like to go through old photos that make me get the giggles like this one. 
some days i want the weekend to last just a day longer, 
and some days i just want to skip monday and go straight to tuesday. 

but i'm trying to be positive and happy about being back in the grind
"because its good for me" 
as the mr. would say. 
and he is right. 
and part of me secretly likes a schedule,
i go a little crazy if i'm just sitting around. 

so welcome monday
i'm going to make the most of you. 


  1. oh my you look like your mom's twin in this picture!

  2. Whenever my boyf and I are feeling bad that the weekend is ending we always remind ourselves to be thankful that we both have jobs... then everything seems better :)


  3. great post, bring it monday!

  4. I love this post! Too cute