Tuesday, December 14

dear: 15 things about him

we've now been married 5 months and i've learned much more about my husband then i expected, considering how well we knew each other before. i guess you can say that we are still learning! here are twenty things i've observed, laughed, and learned to love about him.

1. he never sleeps in the sheets, leaving me no choice but to do the same.
2. he sings in the shower, and i love it.
3. he takes too long of showers, we are working on it.
4. he doesn't love pillow talk like me, i forget he isn't courtney and can't talk for hours on end.
5. falling asleep is too easy for him.
6. he is obsessive compulsive about how his clothes are folded.
7. he knows how to shrink all of my clothes in one load :) we've come to an agreement about who switches the washer into the dryer.
8. he loves sports center even more then i thought he did before we were married.
9. he says the sweetest bed time prayers.
10. he thinks he has good design sense...yikes.
11. he always does the dishes, leaving me the happiest wife.
12. he wants to adopt two children one day if we are able to.
13. he is sometimes a better cook then me, but is so supportive of my efforts.
14. he doesn't care if our house looks like a missionary apartment, but fortunately i will never allow that to be.
15. he is a motor cross bike lover. makes me nervous but look at those studs.
i can't wait to write the next little list. he makes me laugh so hard, every day, all day long. but i already knew that, that's why i married him.
and he's oh so handsome!

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