Monday, December 6

dear: games, bangs, spiders, and more.

Ok we have a little secret to share. We had major spiders this year. If any of you know me I hate spiders, they give me the absolute willies! Before we left for Chicago we switched out our old spider traps with new ones, and this is what we were surprised with. Can you believe that? Fortunately since we put the new ones out we've only had 5 new ones, and thats total. Let's hope we have that under wraps for winter!

I never blogged about our trip to the Utah vs. Notre Dame football game. We had so much fun, even though we lost, and we still love our utes. Most of you know, but husband is on the team and we've both been life long fans. Vegas Bowl here we come!

Oh and in these pictures you will see the new bangs I cut, on a whim, and not really thinking. I love them, but no one told me how high maintenance they would be, so this may be the last time for a while that I have them.


  1. a few things.... 1. those spiders are gross. holy cow. nice shot. hope they have crawled back to their dark hole. I hate them too. 2. i love your bangs! way cute! you're beautiful. 3. let's be bulldog friends. seriously. let's buy two puppies from the same litter so they can grow up together. I'm not even joking. 4. I love you and still need to call you back. 5. Yes, i will be coming home for Christmas... and we WILL be hanging out. I want to see your home! xoxo

  2. ok so i am freaking out over the spiders first of all. i even made jason come look at it. we are both disturbed and are set on buying spider traps for our house haha. second, in the time since i have seen you last i must have forgotten how pretty you are because i am just staring at your pictures. i can honestly say i have never seen a girl look as cute with bangs as you do. i can't get over it. im sure i sound like a creeper but i dont care. i can appreciate good hair.