Friday, October 14

happy friday!

sorry for the lack of posts we went on a lovely get a way to beloved lake powell and just returned.
a little sad it was the last trip down there of the year.
we celebrated an extra week of summer with warm weather and summer fun.
and loved it.
lot's to catch up on but that will be for later.

we are going to another one of these this weekend and a pumpkin patch to find our jack's.
no complaints we love spooking ourselves during this month.
(in fact i'm antsy to go to the new 666 hh tonight. it's all the rave we''ll let you know our reviews.)

speaking of this month:
we've had lots and lots of pumpkin food, candy corns, pumpkins, and halloween eves.
this may be our most festive year yet!
(thanks to the husband for letting me fulfill all my little hopes for the holidays)

what are all you friends doing tonight?

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