Thursday, October 6

dear: little letters

dear: yesterday
thank you for pouring all day.
excuses for layers and pumpkin spice soy milk.
we got to fall asleep to the pitter patter of rain.

dear: weather today
did i spot snow in the mountains?
i will have a bone to pick with mother nature if she decides to skip fall altogether.
(seriously though, we were in the high 80's last week and now snow? oh utah.)

dear: pot roast
you smell delish can't wait to eat you with homemade rolls.
mmm. the perfect rainy day meal.

dear: new job.
you are fun. i like you a lot. advertising is exciting and i can't wait to learn more.

dear: lucy
you weigh 75 lbs now.
what were we thinking?

dear: lake powell.
i get giddy just thinking about being in one of our favorite places.
we can pretend it's still summer for a few days right?

dear: house
please keep yourself tidy, i'm getting a little sick of you.
i wish i could quit you.

dear: sweets
goodbye for a while. we will see how we do!
(any words of advice?)

dear: halloween decor
you are making me smile everytime i see you.
here are some sneak peaks.

go here to see pictures of our conference breakfast with these good friends.

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