Tuesday, October 18

once upon a time

we bought a little car.
we called that car "black panther" it was a good car, in fact a great car.
it was important to us because it was our first car.
we survived our whole first year of marriage with just one car.
(i know can you believe it?)

our car was fast.
and we really liked driving it.
it was the perfect "date night" car.
we loved our little car.

then we decided to have a moment of insanity and get a little pup.
a little pup who grew to be a big pup and a crazy pup.
our car wasn't the ideal "dog" car.
or the perfect "travel" car.

so after lots of contemplation we decided to put it up for sale.
(we must really like our little pup)

it was a big decision for jake.
he loved b.p.

but after much waiting...we sold it!
(and we know it's the right decision even if we don't feel that way right now)

so these were our last (and really only) pictures with the car.
my mom insisted.she said we would want to show our kids that we were "cool" at one point.
and of course lucy had to be in them because this is really all her fault :)

thanks b.p. for lots of great drives,
the best heat seater in the world,
fun memories,
and taking lots of our money.
(hehe but well worth it)

guess you'll just have to wait to see what we decide to get next.


  1. such cute pictures! love you guys. and lucy is SO big! xoxo

  2. i found your blog randomly and i think you two are adorable! Anyway.. that is a sweet car! i can see why you are sad to see it go. how fun finding a new car right?! good luck finding the perfect car :)