Tuesday, November 30

dear: old photo

this was taken before we were ever mr. and mrs.

husband and wife.

before we were engaged.

long before "i love you's".

before i was even dating him.

before i knew what i was getting myself into.

so many things were going to happen...

so many things we never could've dreamed of.

so many hard days, rewarding days, days with out another,

and days we'd laugh so hard we could never forget.

which is why i love it.

we didn't know anything about our little future together.

about our plans, or where we'd be today.

the things we'd experience together and learn to be from one another.

the twist and turns we'd take,

how they would shape us individuals leading us to become a couple.

bringing us the most happiness in our lives, and creating our love

to last us forever

i could only hope for it, yet never wanted to jinx it.

so i sat there imagining, patiently waiting.

we don't have a perfect marriage but i'd have to say

he's perfect, and it's more then i'd imagined that day.

I had to post this picture, it was too good to pass up. Seventh grade husband and wife in the school play. Meant to be.

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  1. This is a priceless post!
    (Heather Whitley-White)