Wednesday, January 5

we just returned from weeks of being out of town. it was a perfect way to spend the end of 2010. we are so blessed and fortunate to be able to travel the world and experience life together being married. even though i'm behind on so many exciting posts (which is rare!) here is our review of 2010.

January: jake returned home from his New York Mission, I was beginning my term as President for DG
February: we decided that we were going to get married, phone calls made, ring shopping, valentines day in Las Vegas/ St. George
March: Engaged in Hawaii
April: date nights, formals, school, and planning planning planning.
May: Finals, showers begin, friends engaged, dress fittings, and more planning.
June: Lake Powell with Cooks and friends, more showers, final planning.
July: Married on the 2, honeymoon in bora bora (tahiti), trip to sun valley, and vacation in laguna beach with smiths
August: i turned 21, more weddings, moved in to our first home, jake biked lots, took a trip to island park, school started
September: football started for jake, football games, and nose deep in school
October: "ute" indians for our first halloween together, carved pumpkins together, halloween parties, and vacation to california (usc game and disneyland)
November: first thanksgiving together, beat byu, decorated for christmas
December: finals week, first christmas together, jake turned 22, bowl game in las vegas, cruise to the carribbean.

we learned, laughed, loved, cried, and experienced more then ever imagined this last year and we couldn't have asked for anything more. we are so blessed and have such wonderful friends and family to share our lives with, especially at this time. we've now been married for 6 months, crazy to think it's been that long but it's flown by and i already can't believe how much our love has increased and changed since July! Can't wait to see what 2011 brings, more on that later.

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