Monday, May 14

life's one big picnic

in the summertime when the weather is nice. and when the weather is nice we like to go on picnics with our friends. these fun friends ran, yes they are fit and ran over to our house, and then we went to the local grocer and skipped off to the park with lucy girl for a picnic. i wanna kiss the sun for being so lovely to us lately. it just makes the days sweeter and a little more pleasant. 

these last few days we celebrated our moms this weekend and feel beyond blessed to have such great ones. my little (big) brother turned the big eighteen this weekend, we ate lots of yummy food basically the entire weekend long, attended a hoppin wedding reception, "showered" one of favorite engaged couples, aaaand got play with our high school friends for a night. it was a significantly busy but delightful weekend for us. at one point i felt overwhelmed with how social we had been. that's what happens when you are old and married and don't see a social seen too often. 

on another note, we are back in the grind. the husband starts school today so his two week summer break has come to an end. but we plan on pretending we still get a summer to play, we'll figure something out between work, school, work, and our other responsibilities. i'm not going to pretend that we won't play, because we will. i think that having grown up responsibilities will make us appreciate our time off, or so we hope! 


  1. You are so pretty! Love the strawberries! Got a pack for myself as well this morning :)


  2. Sweet pictures, Brooke. =)