Saturday, September 4

dear: lovers paradise

i have had millions (ok not literally) of people ask about our dream honeymoon. jake did it again, went above and beyond. many of you know where we went, but for those of you who dont...we went to the beautiful island of bora bora. yup, i'm the luckiest. many hours of preparation went into the planning process, and he was SO excited to tell me, i could tell as each day got closer. truth be told, i'm surprised he waited so long! here is the moment when he was telling me, during our first dance at the reception.
overload of pictures below.
on our way, so excited. but, did not know what we were in for. it was a loong travel, but definitely worth it. 9.5 hours on 2 planes, then another plane from the tahiti mainland to bora bora, 50 min, then a 30 minute boat ride from the airport to our hotel.
at the little airport, that was a island off of the island.
flying in, this was the view!
top of the island.
inside our room to feed the fish, we did it on an hourly basis.
tahitian sunsets. nothing compares.
this is a picture taken from our balcony.
our days consisted of exploring our little island, jet ski tour around the island (sadly no pictures because it was unreal), relaxing, snorkeling, feeding fish, eating the most gourmet meals, sleeping on hammocks, and just loving our first time together as mr. and mrs.
inside the pool.
beach boy lover.

my 13$ tutti frutti! the food was delicious but unbelievably pricy. only downfall of the entire trip. good thing we were too frazzled and in love to notice.
thank you husband for a dream trip. you are a babe. can't wait for our 5 year anniversary :)
and thank you hilton bora bora for treating us like celebrities, good thing carrie underwood didn't show up until the day after us, we would've been ignored.


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! I love the blog brooke!

  2. k you look amazing!! i love the resort too.. looks so beautiful & relaxing! i'm sure you wish you could've stayed longer :)

    p.s. did you cut your hair!?