Saturday, September 4

dear: sweet little surprise

one of my favorite moments is when i was able to surprise jake in my wedding dress. it took me a while to decide if i was going to stick with tradition or if i was going to show him at my bridals. i finally decided that i wanted that special moment to be before the big day with all of the other distractions, and i'm so happy with my decision. and so is he. i was so nervous, anxious, and excited for him to see me in it. here are a few pictures that our wonderful photographer captured.
i love him.

my dress was something i had put so much time in deciding and designing. i've always known i wanted it made. Penny from Penelope's did such and amazing job in creating my dream dress.

my sweet mom made three bouquets for my bridals, all so different and beautiful. she is so talented. i was also lucky enough to borrow some remarkable jewelry from oc tanner, look at that bling! wish i could've kept it, jake said dream on!

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