Saturday, September 4

Mr. and Mrs.

i have been anxiously dreading (yes, i understand that is an oxymoron) this moment. mostly because there is just simply too much to blog about and i've had too many thoughts or ideas to catch up on, but what time is better then the present to reflect on the past? you definitely can say that life has been BUSY, soo busy we hardly remember the order life has been happening in but we will try our best. i do know that i need to catch up on this blogging! this is a sweet little (also funny) conversation jake and i had over a month ago, but i can't get out of my head.

jake: brookie, why can't we have a blog like everyone else?
me: well we can i just haven't done it yet, and don't have a spare second!
jake: you're sitting on the computer right now looking at who knows what.

two minutes later
jake: if you blog you don't have to do anything else, i'll take care of it all (he says while grinning)
me: oh ok, so you will do the laundry, cook our meals, clean the house, organize all of our stuff when we move in, do my homework, and anything else that seems to come up?? Great! I'll get going right now.
jake: no no no, nevermind! but will you just please blog about us?
hahahha i was dying. and while it's taken me over a month to act on that conversation i'm finally doing it for us, mainly him because i want to make him happy!

no promises that it will be blog worthy, just little ramblings on our daily life and the crazy life we seem to be loving right now.
so here it is, a little catch up, in no particular order.

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