Tuesday, November 16

dear: social media

life has gotten the best of us lately, and while it's been very productive for us, i feel as though we've fallen off the face of the planet and there is no need for that.

today in one of my classes we had a guest speaker who discussed everything under the sun about social media. he mentioned a poll that came out of BYU found that those that are involved in social media are more social in person. yikes, if that is the case then i am definitely not social butterfly these last few months. i'm a work in progress. but, all together he concluded that:

social media is not a fad.

we'll see about that, but as for now i'm starting to agree with him. we spend hours a day on the internet checking our fb, reading blogs we love, tweeting, you all know what you do etc. and while we could be spending those hours maybe a little more hands on in our real lives I don't necessarily believe that it is bad nor unefficient to spend time social networking.
why you ask?

well because we are in the era of social media. this is our time, and this is how we will communicate.
doesn't mean hand written notes are a lost cause, i know i certainly won't allow that to happen. because let's face it...is there anything better then a hand written note from a lover or a dear friend? i doubt it, to me nothing is more meaningful.

so here is the challenge, and anyone is welcome to join in. it's been said that it takes 30 days to form or create a habit. we'll see about that, but i'm up for trying. i've decided to blog for 30 days, five days a week, taking the weekends off to care for husband and not neglect the small amount of time we get together in our busy lives. so here it goes to the next 30 days, this could be interesting! wish me (us) luck!

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