Thursday, November 18

dear: thoughts on my mind

eek i can already tell that i'm in for a real treat with this new challenge of mine. i could tell you everything that jake and i have done this week, and i could tell you everything that we are doing this weekend but i won't. rather, i'm going to tell you a few things i've been thinking of:

1. is there one significant hairstyle for a person? because if so, i have definitely not found mine. i cut straight bangs last week and they are so much cuter on others then myself. please grow fast.

2. i never really thought about how weddings would be after i had my own. i still enjoy them but all the fun in sampling ideas for myself are gone, sad realization. but i really do enjoy attending them for these reasons: a. dressing up, i rarely need to wear anything besides t-shirt and jeans these days b. i adore flowers too much and when they are pretty i am so satisfied c. good company, good food, and great dancing (which i think everyone should include to their day, just an opinion)

3. laundry is so time consuming. i love my husband, and appreciate that he likes to be fresh and clean at all times, but really three outfits a day?? its killing me.

4. the holidays are drawing near and i've already accumulated a great christmas playlist, lover is not too keen of the idea

5. looking forward to our triple/quadruple date tomorrow with besties and family (i will most definitely post pictures)but i'm not very graceful on skates and we have chosen ice skating as the activity. last time we went i crumbled to the ground and caused an earthquake of a noise, nbd.

6. the weather is cold, and i'm ready for snow.

7. hp comes out tonight and i'm not going, we aren't too big of fans we haven't read the books, and i don't know the last movie i saw so i would be lost if i attended. but i might take that up to be my next 30 day challenge: finish all hp books in 30 days? i say yes.

what's on your minds?

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  1. hey you. its been a while so i thought i would check in and say hi. i am glad you guys seem to be doing great. i had my baby so you will have to check out some of the pictures. talk to you soon ♥