Tuesday, December 6

memory lane

ten for tuesday
1. yesterday was chinese new year, we didn't really celebrate so we are going to do something extra chinese this weekend to make up. i'm still deciding but we'd love to have guests.

2. if you are like the rest of america and are trying to grow your hair out, i fit under this category right now too, then take a look at this and this. i'm seriously swearing by both of them. you can thank me later and we can have a party whipping our long hair back and forth.

3. magazines are uh.dict.ing. end of story right there-but i must say a little more. my job (remember that really great job i have) well they let me order some great magazines so i'm all caught up in my star drama. kim and kris i've got it covered, russel and katy yes them too, ben the bachelor you betcha. but it's really making me feel like a junkie of some sorts, the excitement that comes from the mailman coming is a little silly.

4. speaking of ben-really? ben i think you are a goon. a big goon. i'm going to say something pretty bold: i don't think you have a good sense of style and you were kinda mean last night on the show. flip flops are a no go in utah when it's snowing and courtney is sneaky and you fall for her so to me you are goon. not saying i don't have hope for you but you need to start to impress me because so far i'm still not a fan of yours. s

5. husband and i are trying to get in tip top shape before we go cruisin in a short 47 days (i'm not counting down the days or anything). husband gets in shape while he sleeps it's ok if you are envious, i am too, while i on the other hand have to bend over backwards, literally sometimes, to just lose a pound or two. none the less we are going to look smokin hot, don't say i didn't warn you.

6. love day is coming up. i love love day. last years love day was a day to remember. this year i'm going for no sliced fingers and stitches and a bill to hand husband for his love day gift. i've gotten so excited that i've began my decorations. just for your creative minds here are some simple yet darling ideas for your home. 1. 2. 3.

7. babies. i loveeee babies right now. no, we are not expecting nor will we be for a while but i love me some babies. possibly because everyone and their neighbor is preggers. husband is sick of me being googley eyed for them but secretly he loves babies too. we are just going to have to be the best aunt and uncle on the block come june.

8. in t minus 24 hours miss kylee dell snelgrove will be home in slc. this is the second longest amount of time we've spent not seeing each other. you see normally yeah that's not the biggest deal, and we've been champs at attempting to chat. i say attempt because sometimes we try but it just doesn't work out. i still have Skype issues, my internet struggles, FaceTime is awkward, and let's be honest i hate texting-get me on the phone and i'm great to go for hours. but see it's a big deal because we've known each other since the age of five. so to say i'm excited to see her his an understatement. wow that was lengthy so sorry. btw kylee is in one of the old school photos.  

9. if you could live off of one clothing store for the rest of your life what would it be? i've been thinking of this question lately. i'm all over the map so to be honest i think it would be hard for me to decide but i'm loving jcrew like always but i swore after going to nordstrom rack last week-that i would never shop anywhere else. deals, deals, deals galore.

10. i'm really enjoying blogging lately. it's become therapeutic for my thoughts and it's taken stress off of my journaling because i've made these posts much more personal (lengthier). sorry for you, but if you got to the end of these ten things then you have to either be very bored or love me very much.

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