Wednesday, December 7

come stop by:

for the last several years of my life my mom and her friends have held their annual holiday boutique 
"the traveling trunk boutique"

why the traveling trunk you ask?
well because they find homes that are for sale and use them to host their boutiques. 
never having them at the same house twice and traveling around to a different cozy home each year.
(it really has been a brilliant idea, they've sold all the homes they've hosted the show at but one.)

this year's holiday traveling trunk is full of wonderful vendors.
25 plus. 
you can find a gift for everyone, even the men in your life. 
(and let's be honest they really are harder to buy for then they claim.)

so come on by and check it out.
it will not disappoint.
plus, you get to visit my darling mom and her friends who will definitely entertain you! 
i bet they would even give you a personal tour of the home and all the wonderful treasures.

it's a holiday lovers heaven.
some of my personal favorites:

sam's famous fudge
(it seriously is famous, he is known as the "fudge guy")
nettie's nomes
the polished silver
(uh-mazing and well priced, the best gift)
a onsite estethician with incredible prices for waxing and tinting. 

Thurs. Dec 8 noon to 9pm
Friday, Dec 9th  9am to 6pm
Saturday, Dec 10th 9am to 6pm

 1704 E. Herbert Ave   

(1060 S)

hope to see you there! 

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