Friday, December 9

fridays favorites:

some of this weeks favorites in pictures. 
because there really is not better way. 

 1. catering for lori tolbert. her amazing christmas salads
2. picture from last weekend to remind me again how grateful i am for power.
 3. toll house pie from none other then the dodo. it is simply amazing. 
4. first costco card. i am ecstatic. already went twice this week with husband. 

1. dreaming of fallen snow some time in slc. can't wait to see michigan ave with snow like this. 
2. made this yesterday, easy ornament with great meaning. key of each home you lived in for an ornament. 
3. darling quote. quotes are always good. 
4. this hot oil treatment. it did wonders on my hair and you most likely own all the ingredients already. bonus. 

better late then never. pictures from pc date night with the sister club, chas, and husband. 

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