Monday, December 12

stella and lucy letters

remember this cutie? 
well we were able to spend part of our weekend with the little ones.

let me tell you, it was quite the experience.
something kicked in...
must be the holidays

but we were left with lots of laughs. 
the make your stomach hurt after kind. 
 stella decided that nutella looked best when smeared all over your face. 
boy was this fun to get off. 
i blame the mr. for this little nightmare. 
 lucy wanted long hair. 
this was her fix.
she decided to cut her hair to be "luke the boy" a few months ago
and now she says she is drinking extra milk so it will grow 
"pretty and long"
(because duh, milk makes your hair grow not just strong bones right?) 
and this was what i walked into first thing in the morning. 
bright and early. 
(i wish i had the same desire to put make up on at 7 am)
lucy somehow came out with 
vampire fangs and really played into the part all day. 

p.s. stella is the true poster child for 
"all i want for christmas" 
she is missing not 2 front teeth...
but five. 

we love these girls too much. 

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