Thursday, January 26


(i'm loving this color right now if you can't tell)

 i feel like a big girl when:
i cook dinner most nights of the week aaand when husband tells me "you're the best wife ever" score.

my boss gives me big girl assignments to do all by myself. all by myself guys, like meeting with my own client. thats biggg.

they call me "mrs. cook" when i go to fancy schmancy places or "sister cook" when i am in my church settings. that makes me feel sophisticated and i love that i stole his last name and that it's mine too.

i go to ehs and i don't know anyone anymore except for the kids i used to babysit. i just feel old then. husband and i have our five year reunion this summer. wait what did i just say? oh that we are older then we think. but i'm ok with that too.

jake and i talk about the future and being mommy and daddy and one day having our own family to take care of and not just one another. i can't wait to see jake as a dad.

but then i giggle and realize that i'm really not a big girl or ready for that and i'm ok with that for now


  1. Is there for reals a 5 year reunion?! Baha we are old! Loving the mint btw

  2. i just bought a pleated skirt! love love love this!