Wednesday, January 25

wishes were fishes

my dad told me to stop wishing for fishes last night. i'm a wishful, hopeful, and dreamful (i made that word up didn't' i) kind of girl. it's one of my greatest strengths and also weaknesses. i had a special talk my dad last night. i'm definitely a daddy's girl, always have been.  he is so wonderful. his wisdom is one of the things that  keeps me grounded in life. nights like last are nights i will treasure forever. thanks dad for being one of my hero's. i love you. 

1. i wish i was an only child. except i'm thankful i'm not because that would be boring.

2. i wish sam and court were coming home soon! i'm thankful that they are having such amazing opportunities and experiences, but i miss them lots. 

3. i wish sleeping in was part of my job. i'm thankful it's not because then i would never get a thing done in my life, wintertime makes me sleepy but i keep telling husband i just need extra beauty sleep. 

4. i wish i had a freeze button for life so i could live in the sweetest moments longer. i'm thankful i don't because it helps me appreciate those moments that pass by so quickly. 

5. i wish it was friday so husbands "weekend version" could come back, he's really fun then people. i'm going to be honest there is no thankful here. ok maybe i'm thankful it's already wednesday!

6. i wish life weren't so hard sometimes. i'm extremely thankful for my trials, it's those moments where i learn the most about myself and my life. 

7. i wish i were better at 30 for 30 pictures. i'm thankful that i'm continuing the challenge, just terrible at the documentation. eek. i'm working on it. 

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