Monday, January 23


three things i learned this weekend. not in order of event, but all individually something i'd like to remember. 

i'm a stellar game player. not just your typical game, i'm talking arcade games. the games where you pour endless amounts of money into a slot. a little different then gambling, but i'm thinking i'd be pretty good at that too just sayin. the machines that take your nickel spiraling down a twisted road while you hope and pray you land on red or black. really you want black because that means jackpot but red will do just fine too because that means ten tickets, and that's like two whole jolly ranchers in trade. let me tell you something, i am good at these games, just ask husband. i think i exceeded a new level of impressing him when i scored five jackpots throughout the night. no big deal. you wouldn't think it possible but guess what it was. and it was awesome for us.

husband is not a procrastinator. it is lucky and really the biggest blessing for our future babes because i am such a procrastinator. i'm that girl who throws something together basically as its due, not a shining moment for me. gluing at 4 am, quizzing five minutes before the test, throwing the salad together as everyone is dishing up the main course, oh i don't know maybe blogging for the day at 9 pm. but this guy not a procrastinator, he's got it all figured out. he's the guy who comes home from school and sits in his office to study for four hours like it's nbd and he is also the guy who finishes a paper the week before it is due, it's a fine trait of his i've just recently discovered. so i impress him with my game playing skills and he makes me fall in love with him all over again when he's so on top of his studies. we're really a match made in heaven.

i tend to laugh in dangerous situations. isn't that kind of the opposite thing you should do? friday i was in a car on my way up a majorly snowy and somewhat steep road and we began to spin. to the right, to the left, back to the right, then a 180 to the left and then down the hill into, luckily, a snow bank. 1 mile later and we would've been off the cliff of the mountain. rather then screaming or being calm i laughed. giggled in fact and then when we were stuck i laughed really hard. it wasn't kosher to be honest, but hey i took light of a situation and din't make the driver feel uncomfortable which was probably best.

four year olds don't forget. words of advice-don't make promises unless you plan to keep them because four year olds will remember. four year olds will also remember when you don't close your eyes in the prayer, four year olds will remember when you sneak a treat with out giving them any, four year olds will remind you when you have "something on your face" (oh that's just a zit wait ten years or so and you will experience the joy four year old), and four year olds will most definitely remind you that you promised a ctr ring to them if they completed your challenge. so don't expect them to forget because you won't get away with it. i love my primary babes they are a huge highlight of my week every week.

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  1. We went there last weekend! So fun and lucky you. I never win anything!!