Wednesday, January 18

black and white and red all over

remember that riddle?
(it's really "read" all over and the answer is newspaper!) 
i really liked my wednesdays wishes last week. it helped me be thankful when i was being a little wishful. really a little more like whiny. so here are my wishes for today: 

i wish i didn't have to clean my house so often. 
luckily i do, because it smells yummy and sometimes husband comes to help with the floors and makes me dance with him in the kitchen. i die for that. 

i wish that in the mornings when i got to the car there wasn't ice covering every window. hi i'm brooke, i live in utah and i don't have an ice scraper. 
luckily that this winter hasn't been too bad. i hope i didn't just jinx myself, because i will have no motivation to leave my home and jake would not be thrilled. 

i wish that i had someone to make dinner for me every night. like a celebrity. how nice to dream of what you want to eat and have it prepared right then. ahh the life. 
luckily my mother reminds me that it is good for me. but only sometimes. and luckily husband makes dinners too. i love his version: plain pasta, butter, parmesan. best dinner ever, don't judge we are five. 

i wish sometimes i wasn't a grown up in the real world. 
luckily husband lets me forget about the real world and be a kid agin with him sometimes. he knows how to make it fun. love him for that. he also reminds me of the good things of being a grown up. 

i wish sometimes i could eat desserts bigger then my head every day. 
luckily i don't because i would look ridiculous. 

i wish we were going on our cruise next week. 
luckily we aren't because husband and i are not in our tip top good lookin' smokin' hot cruise shape. husband gave up sweets today. i admire him for that, we all know what that would take for me. 

i wish i lived inside the story of some of my favorite tv shows. 
luckily i don't, that might get boring, and crazy, and scary, and silly, and i just like my real life. but sometimes i like to think of being inside of them. 

just as i promised. i've got to get on this posting thing so that i can get the 30 for 30 moving right along. don't you love where i've decided to take my photos? it's really original huh? and exciting? i'll get better. 

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