Tuesday, January 17

we really like to eat greasy food on the weekend.

1. Yes, it's pathetic, that we went not only once to get greasy hamburgers and fries this weekend but twice. Husband is having crazy cravings. We went to crown burger on friday night. Just look at my excitement to eat that chocolatey goodness of a mess and husbands concentration on how to get that burger in his mouth! We are very focused and enthusiastic eaters, don't mess with us and our food, haha. Then came Saturday and we went to one of our ultimate fav's Pace's. If you haven't been you must, even if you only order a peach rainbow. oh me oh my delicious.

2. 30 day photochallenge on instagram (follow me! Sarabc)  Ok just because I’m saying it’s pathetic doesn’t mean I don’t love it. Here is the deal: every night I remember that I forgot to post a picture. I resorted to taking a silly picture of something that really doesn’t work or make sense. So I decided that i failed miserably and too many challenges at once is not good for me. The end.

3. Lucy pup has been taking naps on the bed. Gasp. I know I know, what a terrible and pathetic habit to start. She’s only a 75 pound lab that sheds brown hair and we have a white comforter, who enjoys running in mud, super fun when I see that all over the house. But honeslty have you ever seen big brown puppy dog eyes? Kill.us.now. We are both the biggest suckers on the block. I keep telling husband that we are doomed once we have a little one running around. Heaven help us we can have some control! 

4. The fact that on Sunday it was like everyone we know who was coming home from a mission or leaving for one decided to have their talks on the same day.  Don't get me wrong i love my Sunday's but it was a looong day. 8 am to 4 pm. So very proud of them all. Welcome home Elder Jones and good luck Elder Hinson and Elder Divver! I really should get an award for being the most supportive cousin and friend out there so: yellow star for me. 

5. This 30 for 30 clothing challenge, not to be confused with the photo challenge. I know i've whined more about it then i've actually delivered so i'm going to let you know that i will be posting days 2-5 tomorrow. Possibly a pathetic decision but I am kind of enjoying it to be completely honest. The best part is that it's making getting ready a speedy process believe it or not. I may do this every month. Don't mark my words by any means. 

6. The long weekend. Too perfect. Why can't we have Monday's off every week? Thank you MLK for your contribution, and being so amazing that i get to play with husband all day so that we could do whatever we want. Highlights included: grocery shopping together, that never happens (yes we are old and married) running errands and shopping and nordy's, cleaning our house and making it smell oh so scrumptious, watching our favorite shows with friends, and just being together. 

7. It was pathetic that with all the time i had yesterday i didn't blog, it just slipped away from me and i put it off until much too late. But i do have to say so myself that i've been doing much better and i've even been sticking to a few of my new years resolutions, finally. 

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  1. No way! Paces is absolutely the BEST place ever!! Don't even get me started on peach rainbows. Yum!