Friday, January 13


lucy decided to be part of the 30for30. she loves fashion. especially high heels.
sometimes i like to whisper in husbands ear and i ask him to  tell me a story. sometimes i make up silly words that stick and become part of our daily vocabulary. sometimes i ask husband what his dreams are for us and giggle with excitement. sometimes i talk him into saying our bedtime prayers two nights in a row so i can hear the sweet things he is grateful for and the moment where he expresses his love for me. melts my heart every time. and sometimes i get all flustered inside because i really love the man. so gosh dang much. can't wait to spend the weekend with him! 

xo happy friday everyone! 
(i've decided to wait till next week to return to "friday's fav's"
there just wasn't the time this week.) 


  1. Fashionista! You look darling..can't wait to see more of these.

  2. you know i'm all over this challenge when I'm not at a cabin and lounging in sweats all day long!