Thursday, January 12

hey its ok

  • it's completely fine that caitlin's puppy sloane is the most darling thing that you will ever see. oh me oh my look at that puppy face. 
  • it's ok that i signed husband up for the closing prayer in sacrament meeting this week instead of myself when the bishopric called. 
  • it's ok that for breakfast i ate hershey's chocolate nuggets and wasn't even a bit concerned. 
  • it's ok that while i was in office max this morning i blurted out to the cashier that it was "spooky quiet." really? spooky quite? guess so. 
  • it's ok that i played a funny joke on husband this morning when he told me i was the last in bed so naturally it was my turn to make the bed. but being the trickster i am i lured him back into bed to snuggle for five more minutes, didn't take too much talking. i really did mean it, swear it. but i snuck out first so he was the last in bed. hehe pretty funny. he caught on right as i was crawling over him and tried to keep my feet from touching the floor. i think i'm still stuck making it later. 
  • it's ok that husband found a moth in the pasta box last night when he poured it into the boiling water. oopsies. hope it doesn't scare you away from coming to dinner at our house. 
  • it's ok that i worked out last night for the first time since before christmas. so much for that resolution.  i took a spin on my parents tour de france bike oooo lala. but my bum is feeling oww lala.
  • it's ok that i pinned 200 pins today at work. don't even care, good inspiration. 
  • it's ok that i spent 45 minutes distracting husband from his studies yesterday. he loved it secretly, i layer on the floor in his office (yes his office, he is very official thanks to his wonderful wife-thats me btw) making silly comments and being completely obnoxious. it didn't work too well but i did get some kisses out of it. 
ahhh justification. 
makes me feel so much better about myself. 

As for the 30 for 30 day challenge...i've officially begun. it took me a good hour last night carefully selecting what to use. i only picked 28 items in case i desperately want something one day. the final run down. five shoes: boots, heels, flats. three skirts. ten shirts and tops. three sweaters. four pants. two vests. and one jacket. hope it was a good selection because it's official. 

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