Wednesday, January 11

wishful wednesday

our good friend beth came over last night for dinner, so lucky to have her company. she also asked for seconds, i didn't even have to offer. she's a winner of a friend i tell ya. i made sweet potato lasagna. interesting combo i know but i had something similar at the wonderful red rock restaurant and tried to make my own. no recipe so i was really going out on a limb. 
husband came up for thirds and kept telling me it was "mmm mmm good." he loved it and thats good enough for me. 
score: happy proud husband, i'm feeling pretty good. 

my list of wish's because its a wednesday:

i wish i wouldn't have began the 30 for 30 day challenge. i didn't realize what this may take for me to actually plan out my outfits for 30 days. 
luckily husband is going to make me stick with it. 

i wish we didn't have construction workers pounding on our house at 7 am and not letting our puppy go outside.
i'm thankful our house will be much warmer in the future. 

i wish that money grew on trees. 
i'm thankful i have a job and get the satisfaction of working hard for the necessities of life. 

i wish i could've left my christmas decorations up a little longer. i really don't like the bare look of our humble abode. 
i'm thankful i don't have pine needles and glitter all over my floors.  

i wish that husband didn't have so many stinkin years of school left. but i'm so proud of you for never complaining. i know you hate the first week of school, i hate it more. 
luckily that means we have a few years left to be by our families and friends even if we are in small lake city. 

i wish that it could be warm and sunny again like it was last week. 60 degrees and sunny in january folks.
luckily we have a mexican cruise coming up in just a few months to look forward to. yes, months but i'm still excited. 

i wish that it were already friday. gosh dangit hurry up already weekend. 
luckily it's wednesday and we are halfway there.

happy hump day! 


  1. You are so cute Brooke. I love reading your blog! You need to post pics of your 30 day challenge!! need to post your made up recipe for the lasagna!! Sounds delish! I would love to try it!

  2. i love reading yours! happy birthday!! ok i will and i will. pictures is going to be interesting, i'll have to get some confidence to snap shots of me by myself just on any old day. the recipe turned out really good but i'm perfecting it to be better and then i'll put it up so be looking! hope all is well for you guys!