Tuesday, January 10

new challenge

according to my iphone, here are some pictures of what we've been up to lately. 

yesterday i was having big problems, big. you see normally i'm full of lots of energy and i love to stay up late. but last night while watching tv with husband i fell asleep at 8:30, 8:30 people! could be due to that fact that we were watching THE most boring football game in history and it was even the ncs game. for those of you who don't know football that means: national championship game. anyways, you see in the past i would consider myself a night owl but lately not so much.

problem. i hadn't even taken the christmas tree down, and the tree clean up was in the morning. oh the woes of a seasoned procrastinator! i hustled upstairs and began to happily (no no i lied, i was not excited) take down the christmas tree. i was wishing we had a fake tree reallllly badly...but then husband became a rockstar and walked up BEFORE the game was even over to help me (i don't care how boring the game was that is a big sacrifice) ohhh i love him. and he even did the most hated part for me-the lights! and man did i string those babies well this year. to top it off he carried the tree out, vacuumed the mess up, and vacuumed the rest of the rooms and he is not a night owl people.  how did i get so lucky?

well i don't know the answer to that but somehow i did. thanks husband you are the bestest in the westest.
on another really quick but really exciting ramble i have a new challenge for myself. see, me and a good challenge aren't always the best match up but this time i have a good feeling. a friend of mine told me about this challenge last week and i've decided to see if i can do it.

i'm calling the challenge 30 for 30. i'm almost positive it's been done before unless she made it up but this is my official coined name. do it with me i dare you. i'd love it if you join so i can see your pictures.

rules of the game: the day before the challenge (that would be today smarty pants) you pick out 30 items and only thirty items, don't be a cheater. that includes: shoes, tights, pants, skirts, dresses, tops, etc. you get the picture. da da da....then you have to wear only those 30 items for the next 30 days, so pick things you like! i'm going to do it. even if i hate myself for doing it in the end.


  1. I would join you on that but I don't think I own 30 items. For reals. Can't wait to see pics!

  2. oh i wish you would! that is the BIGGEST lie, you have so many cute clothes.