Monday, January 9

10 pathetic but perfect from the weekend

1. Little brother and sister left for college. Wait what did i just say? Babies going off to college, my parents are way to young to be empty nesters. Too pathetic, not so perfect. If you see my mother, don't mention it to her because she will turn into water works. Bless her heart. 

2. Is it pathetic that while husband was away skiing for the day I stayed in bed until 11:20 (I promise I wasn’t asleep until then but I may have stayed in my jammies and taken little naps in between stalking some of my favorite bloggers)

3. Our Christmas decorations are still up. Don’t worry its only January 9th, not a big deal right? I mean aren’t we supposed to stay in the Christmas spirit all year round? We are just trying to give ourselves a constant visual reminder! Okay okay I’ll take them down tonight, I swear.

4. I wanted to feel very healthy and fit on Saturday after sleeping through not one workout class but THREE. Instead I put on cute work out clothes and decided to go shopping instead. Whats a girl to do when her partner in crimes off for the day on the slopes?

5. I’ve turning into a fair weather skier. Insert gasp here. I know it’s a tragedy. There were those days where I would do anything just to be on the slopes-I lived for it (ok i could have been just trying to impress husband while we were dating. hey, girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right?) so today it was snowy-and the mountains looked cold-and even though I know husband would have love love loved me to go (right jake?) I decided to give him a day with the boys. Such a good wife I am.

6. Lately I’ve been having a lot of pathetic emotional brookie moments, husband lives for them. Haha no he doesn’t. The i’m tired-need attention--give me a nap-i need a treat-moody-emotional-need a diet coke- and a treat-give me a moment to complain- tell me what I want to hear comfort moments. And I’ve been saving them all for husband, lame. Silly how he gets the worst of me even when he deserves the best. But he’s a rockstar and talks me through it every time, even when I have to tell him to do so. Husband I love you more then I love anything in the whole wide world. Thanks for loving me always.

7. The fact that I asked husband on Friday night if we could re-celebrate new years eve this saturday (hehe he got a kick out of that ) because, I- Sara Brooke Cook have failed miserably at new years resolutions. Not only did I not complete them, but I also didn’t put one, yes you heard me not one into action. Holy moly pathetic. Not even ones as simple as drink more water. So we rang in the new year at ten pm with martinelli's and a midnight (ten pm) kiss all over again. I swear I didn’t plan it for that reason, ok maybe a little bit I did. I told you I love nye. And husband is an excellent kisser. Fun fact- he was my first kiss! Ladies and gents he taught me everything I know.

8. 30 day photochallenge on instagram (follow me! Sarabc)  Ok just because I’m saying it’s pathetic doesn’t mean I don’t love it. Here is the deal: every night I remember that I forgot to post a picture. So I resort to taking a silly picture of something that really doesn’t work or make sense. The end. 

9. watching the sunday night fireside with jay e. jensen in our basement on the laptop after we searched for the building for 25 minutes. it was lovely. you can watch it here. 

10. staying up wayyy past bedtime so that we could watch funny youtube videos together in bed. oh man i love afv. gives me and husband a good belly laugh every time. and i loveee that laugh, hands down most contagious laugh in the world. 

10 1/2. Husband has been home for 2 years now. Where does the time fly? One of the best days of my life. So happy he is home and here every day of my life. 

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