Wednesday, January 4

a little letter

dear blog:

goodness gracious you are looking a little empty. 2011 was an improvement from last, but i'm working on making you lovely for 2012. hopefully you will not get neglected for months on end and that this can become a daily routine in documenting husband and i's daily lives. working on figuring out a new layout and more. get excited it's gonna be good! well the best it's been so that is good. it may take me the entire weekend, i'm a beginner. hopefully this year you will see much more creativity.

new years resolution number 1: be more creative each and every day. use a blog as a way to document and keep track of new ideas and a creative outlet. and a place to journal about all things beautiful, tasteful, and worthwhile. and possibly a few things that don't quite fit in but that's ok too.

it's going to be the best thing that i ever did for myself, my creative mind that was feeling ignored. if you are looking for ideas on setting your new years resolutions take this as a template. mind, body, spirit, relationships, creativity, and passion. make sure you have set goals to fulfill each important area in your life.

 see you soon friends!

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