Saturday, December 31

goodbye 2011

there is something so exciting about a new year. maybe it's waiting for the clock to strike midnight. 
the anticipation of a new years kiss. setting new goals and a clean slate. i am a resolute
the hope that new things can happen and change. getting glamoured up to ring in the new year fresh. 
the parties and the people we will see. whatever it may be for you hope you have a happy new year!

rang in the new year on the freedom of the seas cruise
i began final semester at the u of u. 21 credit hours. almost died of insanity
prssa director or chapter developments. new friends/fun events
cut finger open to the bone trying to make a special valentines day dinner for husband. $350 stitches
became doggie parents to lucy
puppy school with lucy. she graduated
hawaii with in laws. celebrated our one year engagement anniversary at kimo's
husband played spring football at the u. moved to safety position
painted the bathroom together
sold the audi
bought first car together. subaru, best decision.
drove a brand new car off the lot. checked off an item from my bucket list
made halloween costumes together. madd hatter and alice in wonderland
set goals for our life together
husband quit football in the spring to focus on school
lake powell a few times
laguna beach
two cousins married to join the club. along with lots of friends
graduated from the u of u bachelor in mass communication. strategic comm
deans list
sun valley
hiked in the beautiful utah mountains
quick trip to st. g for a football game
lots of football pick up games on saturdays
spent second christmas together
husband spoiled me the whole year long
new traditions started
celebrated our one year anniversary
created a "dreams" journal together
first real job at an advertising agency
husband began his dental pre-requisites 
he also played on three inter-mural football teams 
utah state fair year two 
husband takes me back to his mission to meet the people he loved and served for two years 
took me to palmyra 
i took husband to nyc for his first time. fun to see the shock on his face of the crazy place 
lots of flow rider  dates and family nights 
jake got his first gun 
sweet husband became a wonderful chef, maid, and laundromat 
we skied. and watched jake get lots of injuries
ate out and tried new restaurants
spent lots of days on the lake with friends
went camping together for the first time. we were pros
turned twenty two and twenty three 
i made lots of holiday crafts
many failed cooking experiments
some successful dinner attempts 
decorated our second christmas tree together 
bought a new camera 
found out we will be aunt brookie and uncle jake 
played at nickel mania. spent lots of silly money 
melted my hair 
made lots of late night treats together
took a class together during my last semester 
cut the apricot tree down in the backyard 
became primary teachers to three and four year olds 
went to wicked and jersey boys on broadway 
accidentally ordered $100 lobster on our anniversary. oops 
met oprah winfrey 
(summer recap here)
saw taylor swift in concert 
watched our brothers senior year football at ehs. region champs and state finals
golfed and swam at the cc in summertime 
got a mustang convertible. summer rides 
decided to be healthier eaters 
discovered our love for chipotle 
rediscovered our old love nielsens frozen custard 
played sorry!
took lucy to the dog wash and dog park lots
went to denver for a weekend 
rockin bear ranch in bear lake. jake decided he liked horses 
went to many utah games. go utes
park city date night escapes 
spent 48 hours without power
lucy turns one 

made lots of memories. 
learned lots of ourselves. 
loved each other through it all. 

hello 2012!

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