Tuesday, January 31

never have i ever

have you ever played the game "never have i ever?"
it's a fun one. i thought i was pretty good at this game in my youth. mostly because i felt like i hadn't done anything when really i had but it made for great gaming.

anyways, this weekend was a new "never have i ever for me." never have i ever embarrassed husband more. if you are jake you get to see your wife in some pretty good looking outfits, and by good looking i am being completely ficisious (big word to make me sound smart, it just means sarcastic). this weekend was a new moment. i had to pick husband up from a catering event that he was working. he is a rockstar husband who works extra jobs on the side of his ridiculously hard school load to provide for our family and i love him to the moon and back for it.

when i got the text that said "come get me!" i literally grabbed whatever was in sight to run out into the freezing arctic night chill. this was the outcome. not only did i wear his xxl tshirt along with capris, wuggs (wanna be uggs), and a sweatshirt zipped up to my eyeballs, but i grabbed this furry number AND another furry number named lucy to come along. little did i know it was going to be a much longer car ride then anticipated. so i, wife who doesn't think before she acts sometimes, took our dog and this crazy outfit to a very formal event to pick up my rockstar husband. rather then taking you through a series of events i'll just tell you that i saw many a people lookin my bestest and lucy decided to hop over the seat and create another disaster for me to explain when jake got in the car. all in all i learned two helpful lessons.

1. lucy is better left at home and much more loved within the four walls of our home.
2.don't wear crazy outfits when picking husband up at a place where you may have to get in and out of the car. it saves us all from embarrassment.

the end.

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  1. This is hilarious! Its okay, we all have many a moments like this... I know I have!