Monday, January 30

to my mother

who is fifty years young today! happy happy as you celebrate a life full of amazing accomplishments. 

(i know you just feel old but no on in this world would ever guess it.)

words cannot describe how much i love you and how grateful i am to have you in my life. i am also very very lucky to have you as my mother. you have taught me so much about life and have enabled me to become the person i am today. you've always been my number one cheerleader, support, friend, and many other roles. 

 i look up to you in every way and as i get older i am even more appreciative of the mother that you've been to me. you have taught me how to be better wife and friend, and someday a mother to my own children. you've taught me how to serve those around me with a smile on my face and how to love others unconditionally. you inspire me to be creative, no one can keep up with your endless ideas and enthusiasm. i envy your happiness in all situations and your drive that you have to do anything. you are loved by more people then i think anyone else i know. 

i love all of the memories i have of giggles and chats and words of wisdom from you. thank you for being patient with me and laughing with me in my moments of insanity. jake and i are both lucky to have you as a mom. he loves mom number 2. i'm so grateful for the way you have taken him in as one of your own. i love you love you mom, have a wonderful day. 


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  1. This is really sweet. We only have one mother and we must love her so.