Wednesday, May 9

we celebrated the fifth of may, with these babes. don't you wish you had a fiesta for cinco de mayo too? we ate our little hearts out and really heated up the festivities. cafe rio salads, nacho libre, uno, and required dress ups. i think jake was fearful that i would start wearing my costume on a daily basis. don't worry i will not, at least not now, you never know what i may do when i'm a looney madre. spanish because it is cinco de mayo. 

somehow glittery grey sweaters became "mexico" clothes to lucy and we may have pretended that hawaiian hats work too. it's an international festivity for all countries in our book. and somehow we went from two kids to about ten, but we felt pretty cool that everyone wanted to come to our party. husbands homemade churros were quite the hit, and i think i may have found a new guilty obsession: pina coladas. i mean i knew i loved them, but having them accessible at all times including late in the night (early in the a.m.) is maybe not best. but i won't decide that now. 

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  1. YAY you two are the cutest pseudo parents ever :) happy cinco de year it's on-we're celebrating together!