Tuesday, May 8

boys will be boys and here is my case study to prove it

point number one: 
this photo. need i say more? to be honest this is actually what i would consider a "good" photo. the rest usually consist of faces that just look uncomfortable 

point number two: 
the fact that i asked jake to help me clean the bathrooms yesterday is verification of my insanity as of late. sweetly, he obliged and when i came home the house it screamed clean. a happy day in my book. but oh my larry we need to have a bathroom cleaning 101 intervention in our home. our versions are very very different in terms of a clean bathroom. 

i'll just share his: comet in the toilet bowl. ta daaaa. 
smells good though right? 

point number three:
this little happening from the a.m. 

i wish i could post the little photo i took this morning while i was headed out the door, but due to the indecent exposure of the husband i will not. but i am going to tell you what i saw: 

my twenty three year old husband sitting on a chair staring out the window. and our conversation went a little like this: 

me: whatcha lookin at?
husband: a coy little smile...nothin
me: oh really?
husband: a bigger smile. 
husband: just these trucks outside 

concrete trucks. big trucks dumping new concrete. and he didn't even care to move after i gave him a little laugh, I'm almost positive he stayed there until the job was finished. 

oh i love the man. i swear he is still three years old. i can't wait to have little truck obsessed face pulling boys running around our house just like him. 
really can't wait. 


  1. This is perfect. Brady's definition of clean and mine are polar opposites ha, gotta love them anyway!

  2. hahaha that is so funny, comet in the toilet, oh you are so right boys will be boys! I asked my husband if he wanted to split a greek salad with me today, he laughed in my face!