Thursday, May 3

the darndest things

kids say them, they do. i've been playing mom this week after work, i wasn't thinking right when i agreed but i can't say no because i miss my nannying days. being a grown up is fun, it is but some days it's just happiness to not take life so seriously and play like kids do. 

kids play, and they know how to play hard. i had to call husband to bring me a change of clothes because a dress just wasn't cutting it for chalking and water fights. i found myself giggling when i saw baby dallin with a fistful of dirt in is mouth, only to hear older brother tell me i was crazy for laughing. or how about when he looked at me appalled that i would think it was ok to not take shoes to the park, again called me crazy and i laughed, again. 

what would you do to go back to age five? or even eleven? what would you tell yourself? i would tell myself that everything works out and that it's ok to slow down and not try to grow up so fast, that forgetting to brush your hair and having stains on your clothes isn't a bad thing, and being barefoot in the summertime is really best, and that the boy who is being mean to you in mrs. lewis' class won't always be mean, he will turn out to be your very best friend and you will marry him one day. 

but ironically those aren't bad words of wisdom for any age. everything does work out, and it's silly to try to grow up faster then needed, and we can still let loose for a moment, and the boy from mrs. lewis' class loves that girl more then anything even when there are bad days, because let's face it we all have them. 


  1. This is so cute, you are so right, I love what you would tell your younger self!