Tuesday, May 29

a glimpse

just a couple photos from our adventure. 
(still needing to sort through the 457 i took, but sorting emails for work and laundry at home come first)

i believe that get aways are a must for healthy living, at least for my personal sake. 
i come back energized yet exhausted. 
overwhelmed yet ready to take on the world. 
i love the energy of nyc, it always gives me the desire to do more.
as if i don't have enough on my plate. 
that's another post in itself. 

but i do have to say that seeing the mr.was a happy reunion. 
you may laugh, but it was the longest we've spent apart in over two years. 

since being married we've only spent one night at a time apart.
so i anxiously waited for him to return from his get.a.way. to LP
it was fireworks all over again, 
but i'll spare you the details. 

happy tuesday, short weeks are always a delight. 


  1. Amazing pictures! Glad to hear you and the Mr. got to see each other again. :)


  2. You are a great writer Brooke!! Love your posts!

  3. Your trip looks so fun!! I feel ya with the waiting anxiously! It was the longest we've been apart too, I was going crazy!!

  4. Hope you had a great time, Brooke. =)

  5. ahhhh my city. I hope you enjoyed your trip here and I hope NY'ers weren't mean lol I know how we can get. ;)

    Renvie "MO"

  6. I love these photos! We're planning a little trip to NYC in August, and I cannot wait! Just found your blog, I'm your newest follower! :)