Sunday, May 27

"i'm the king of new york"

it doesn't matter how many times i've been to the big apple, i always come back amazed
i'll share more thoughts later with you, a time where i am not so completely exhausted.
i can't recall a time in my life where my feet hurt worse, i really can't.
funny stories to tell and memories to relive over and over again.

but for now we are at the jfk airport, waiting for our flight to board
while downloading newsies the movie on the computer.
because we were lucky duckies and won lottery tickets for newsies broadway and now we are obsessed to say the least.

i'm dreaming of it right now and can't stop singing the tunes out loud
(and we may or may have not been dancing on the streets of nyc ever since) 
which is a good thing considering i have a 5.5 hour flight ahead with the sissy club.

1 comment:

  1. Lucky girl... NYC is at the top of my vacation destination list! Until then, I can't wait to read your posts :)