Tuesday, May 22

two things that have nothing to do with another but i'll tell you anyways

oh my heck! 
this week is slipping out of my hands. 
i don't know where the time has gone from yesterday morning until now and i feel as though i'm going to find myself in a melt down in a few hours. 

i have only a bajillion things to get done before my sissy club and i leave for a new york adventure with our mama. 
i get to go to new york to see my besties with besties, what could be better?
it's come so quickly, and now if i could only grant myself an extra five hours before midnight this could all go smooth. 
so i have no time, i feel like the bunny in alice in wonderland. isn't' it the bunny in that movie? 
i'm late, I'm late for a very important date, no time to waste...

so i'm off to get a pile of to dos done before i go, which i can already tell is not going to happen. 

in the meantime check out this event that i helped put together for the weekend. i know, lame i won't be there but you should most definitely go if you are around. these gals are amaze and i'm so happy to be part of something so great, it's going to be funnnn i'm telling you really fun. so go for me and let me knowhow it all goes. you will not regret it so go spread some shine. 

next time i'm on here i'll be in the city!