Friday, May 18

rain day

rainy days are secretly a favorite of mine. it's an excuse to be a little lazy and cozy up in the house. perhaps pop a favorite flick in, or head to the theaters for a new show. oversized sweaters and comfy blankets. it doesn't hurt that i got to work from home today and that the husband doesn't' have school. yay for friday and for the rain. the smell of the rain, as i've said before is my absolute favorite. 

happy friday. 


  1. Rainy days are ideal for those outings, Brooke - or for popping some popcorn and watching a fun flick... or reading a good book (I have two that need to be finished ASAP so I can review them *yikes*). So long as they aren't every day, I love a nice gentle shower now and again.

    Happy Friday! Have a great weekend. =)

  2. I loved the rain today too, lazy and an excuse to wear cute rain boots!