Thursday, May 17

a little long thought

life's happiness can easily be altered by the world around us.
you may feel as i do sometimes, 
living with racing thoughts flourishing your mind of things you must accomplish and become.

i'm grateful for the world we live in today
 it's a modern marvel that we live with such technology developments and continuing discoveries.
rapid forms of communication connect us with loved ones and new acquaintances.
those dreams you had of traveling afar become a reality.
answers to nearly any question are given, making life simple in one way or another.
creative outlets provide ideas for your home, a party, your hair, clothing, children, church, the list goes on.
each day and every day.

it's a blessing, yet there is an opposing downside.
we expect people to answer phone calls immeadetly, 
respond to texts and email in the timeliest manner, 
and give no excuse to being late due to taking a wrong turn.

everything we create has an expected level of creativity and originality.
we have the answers at our fingertips, literally.
becoming more concerned about what is going on in others lives
  (those you may not even know) 
then the life you call your own
leaving thoughts of comparisons and sometimes criticism.

it can be overwhelming to think you aren't:
creative enough nor do you dress the part, 
your meals aren't magazine cover worthy
your body doesn't look ready for summer,
and you don't have time to do the two hours worth of exercise you just discovered.
your home doesn't smell like fresh laundry,
your fridge is stocked with foods less then worthy of healthy
family night does not consist of cut outs and brownies
nor does your sunday lesson have a tablecloth and flowers.

although all of these would be nice,
it's not a reality for us to become everything we merely see around us.
there is only so much that can be said with out actually being done.
and what you do, is who you become. 

lucky for us, we live in a time where chasing after your dreams,
and aspiring to what you ultimately want to become is accepted. 
the options are endless, there are not limitations. 
and even with the wild obsessions and crazy expectations
of daily life around us:

today you are you.
and no one alive is youer then you. 

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